About BearToon Studios

BearToon Studios began in 2022 with a mission to create captivating and entertaining hand-crafted content for audiences who consider themselves to be outcasts.

BearToon Studios aims to celebrate diversity and uniqueness through our creations, bringing stories to life that resonate with those who often feel marginalized or different.

By embracing individuality and showcasing a wide range of perspectives, we strive to create a sense of belonging and empowerment for all who love our stories, inspiring them to embrace their true selves and feel represented in the world of entertainment.

About daniel flint

CEO of beartoon studios

Daniel Flint, the CEO of BearToon Studios, is a three-time award-winning screenwriter and creative director known for his passion for storytelling and his ability to forge strong connections within the film/TV and book publishing industries. With a proven track record of delivering engaging projects for big to small clients, Daniel brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to each venture.

One of Daniel's notable achievements includes his work with Dance Beats! as the comic writer and illustrator.

Daniel is currently open for commissions. Visit our commissions page to collaborate on your next creative project with Daniel.

Customer Product Rating
Customer Product Rating


"A+++ did an outstanding job with great communication! I really enjoyed working with this freelancer, and I would hire again. I would give a big thumbs up for their positive can-do attitude and professionalism. Very reliable, and completed the project successfully. Great work! An asset to the freelance community."

Sam K. | Online Business Ventures

“Daniel is great. Recommended!”

Steve Baulderson | Dikenga Films

"Daniel is a brilliant writer and editor. Daniel gave 110% on my project and I couldn't be happier. Daniel has attended all my zoom meetings with my literary agent, asked great questions, and provided exceptional input. Daniel has been exceptional to work with and helped me organized my book proposal chapters, did research on competitive books, and organized my book proposal structure. I will continue to hire Daniel for all my writing work!"

Susan C. | President at The Human Behavior Lab

Online business ventures

We Make Shows, LLC

areas of expertise

Expert ghostwriting services for various genres

Tailored book proposal writing for published authors and amateurs

Craft persuasive content that will get a publishers attention

Professional editing and proofreading services

Confidentiality and dedication to client satisfaction

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ghostwriting & proposals

Take Your Ideas to the Next Level


Craft Stories That Captivate

Comprehensive pre-production services

Cutting-edge filming techniques

Experienced post-production editing

Tailored solutions for every project

Collaborative approach

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art comissions

Comics and Digital Paintings

Unique comic-style illustrations

Detailed digital paintings

Custom character designs

Storyboarding and concept art

Fast turnaround times

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